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Workshop: Silent Film 101 with Maxwell Freudenthal

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We ran long on this workshop last wednesday and decided to take on a bigger filiming project than originally planned (that's what happens when creative people get together )

We story boarded it but didn't begin filming it at all. This second section will be all about filming our story. If anyone would like to join us for this hands on filming workshop please do. We can catch you up on the technical stuff real quickly.

Everyone enjoys a good movie, and why wouldn't we? Humans are natural storytellers, and that Video function on your camera is the perfect tool to share your stories with the world.
Silent Film 101 is an Entry Level class into the world of Filmmaking. No experience required! In no time at all, you'll learn the basics of Camera Language, Editing, and Storyboarding. Then you will apply your new skills as you work together in groups to create silent films that will screen in class. Who knows, you could be the next Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton!
If you have a camera that shoots video, bring it along, but it's not required to take the class. The class is guaranteed fun, but everyone should be comfortable working in small groups.
Sign up and see how fun making movies can be!