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Price: $5.00 /per person
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Dust off your prints and get them ready for exhibiting!!

For the month of JULY, we have the wall space for the Guilderland Public Library in the Helderberg Room.

- There are approx. 40 spaces, dependent on size.
- This is a family establishment, so pics must be tasteful. No nudes, no highly political matter, no obscene gestures permitted.

-There is NO THEME requirement for this exhibit.

-No size requirement, although 8x10 photo or larger is recommended.

-B&W, Color, Selective Color, Canvas, Panoramics all accepted.

-Review past exhibit tips on the message board.

-New group members encouraged to submit.

-There will be an opening reception (soon to be scheduled).


1. Deadline for sign up is June 1st. No exceptions.

2. There will be an entry fee of $5 pp WHEN SIGNING UP. You will not be officially signed up until your payment is received. No refunds will be offered, if you sign up, follow through. It is a huge inconvenience when people back out.

3. At this time, one print pp until final head count, then we may allow for additional spaces.

4. BLACK and WHITE FRAMING combination ONLY!!! No Exceptions! This means, your framing and matting must be black or white, or black & black. Canvas prints do not need to be framed. IF your canvas is framed, it still must adhere to the B&W framing rule. Thank You!

5. All prints must be DELIVERED to the organizers of the event BY/BEFORE/ON JUNE 20th!

6. Images must be packaged for transportation. Please wrap your images with paper, newspaper, bubble wrap, or box them up. Please do not use towels, bed sheets, pillowcases or flannel nightgowns. We will not be held responsible for storing these items! Please use a marker, label or masking tape for your paper/bubble-wrap/box so we can re-wrap your print after the exhibit. Thank You!

7. Label your image on the back. Please apply a business card or a sticky label with your photographer info on the back of the frame. This helps us with quick identification.

8. We will not be held responsible for any scratches or damage to your artwork, especially if not properly packaged. We need to stack 40+ prints on top of each other for transport.

9. Please ensure the print, matting and frame is clean and free from fingerprints, dust, scratches, dirt and visible flaws. The glass will be cleaned after hanging.

10. There will be a gallery take-down event. If you are unable to attend, you must pick up your images BY AUGUST 15th!!! If you are unable to pick up your images within the two week time frame, you will be subjecting yourself to forfeiture of future exhibits.

11. Your frame must be wired for hanging, or it will not be accepted until properly prepared. Canvas prints do not need to be wired, but we will let you know if that changes.

12. You must provide your photographer contact info for the group flyer along with a thumbnail of your image or for each image (if applicable). The public will view this information and if they are interested in contacting you about a print, they will need to know how to do so. This information is optional but recommended. At the least, we MUST have your preferred photographer name and thumbnail.

Please consider including:

Name Business Name Address / Location Phone # E-mail address Website 13. YOU MUST BE A GROUP MEMBER IN ORDER TO EXHIBIT!!! We will NOT accept prints from non-group members. No exceptions. Any new members still able to meet the requirements and deadlines WILL be able to exhibit.

14. It is YOUR responsibility to make arrangements to drop off and pick up your images in a timely manner.

Additional rules may apply, we will notify you of any changes. Please check your e-mails and/or the message board for updates.

We look forward to making this a GREAT exhibit!

If you sign up, PLEASE follow through. Last year 36 people signed up only 15 followed through causing panic and chaos for us to find enough images to fill the wall space. Hence one of the reasons for the entry fee. To YOU, you are one person, but when half of the sign ups say the same thing, we have a problem. Please be respectful to our group and follow through with your promise to exhibit.

For anyone who has a complaint regarding these rules, then we would love to add you as an organizer for this event!

Thank you for your understanding of our new exhibit policies. We look forward to another successful and rewarding exhibit for our group members. If you have any suggestions for exhibit locations, please post your ideas on the message board. Thanks!

Michael Henry & Angela Jorczak

We are looking for volunteers to help set up the exhibit. Angela will be out of town and unable to help set up. Plan on spending about 6-8 hours. Please contact Michael / Angela if willing to assist. Thank You!