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We are about the knowledge of music and learning how to make your music better. Also Getting together to just talk about music, jam and getting together to have fun with music.

Learning music


Get together with the musical ideas. (Us musicians could all learn from each other.)

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Talk about Music Theory (Using the book "Music in Theory & Practice")

We are going to talk about the 4th chapter in the book "Music in Theory & Practice." It's The full chapter. We'll be spending about 1-3 minutes on each subject. So it's nothing big and just light chat. If you have a particular question about The chapter we are on, just pipe up and ask. I'm sure I can answer it. I know it's a lot to take in but just have fun with it. I think you will like this better because it goes into more the sound of music instead of writing music. (pen and paper) We are going to meet in a different place this time. It's a library with a few private rooms. Here is the website where we are meeting: https://www.librarything.com/venue/1025/Anoka-County-Library-Blaine-Northtown-Branch Here is the internet address to download the book free: http://www.cloviseastchoirs.com/uploads/1/1/0/7/110734517/music_theory_and_practice_textbook.pdf If you have any questions While reading the chapters, just E-mail me at [masked] and tell me the page you are referring to. I'll see if I can answer it before we meet. The subjects we will cover in the book are: Chords, Harmony Chord Triad Tertian Root Major Triad Minor Triad Diminished Triad Augmented Triad Primary Triads Triad Position Root Position First Inversion Second Inversion Seventh Chords Organum (meaning any musical instrument) Figured Bass Roman Numerals Simple Position Third Inversion Realization Macro Analysis Circle Progression Leading-Tone Progression Lead Sheet or Fake Sheet This is a really interesting topic and digs more into tonality and music sound. You will definitely find this interesting. see you there.

Songwriter Circle Meetup Suggestion: words, lyrics, music

Hi all, I've not really spent much time here but I'm trying to get together with other like minded writers for regular breakfast/coffee meetups to share writing ideas and work. Anyone interested in weekend coffee meetup in or near Excelsior, MN? Suggestions like the 318 or Dunn Bros on Water Street? Let me know, would love to meet, chat and share...Time TBD...

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