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Team Coding: Star Trek Hackathon!

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Price: CA$5.00 /per person
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Hello Everyone,

It has been far too long since Team Coding has had an event and we’d like to change that by inviting you to our

Star Trek Hackathon!

On Friday, May 1st 2015 we will be hosting an Interface Hackathon involving HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (but don’t feel constrained by these languages - if you feel like building an entire Enterprise in some Vulcan coding language, no one is going to stop you).

Whether you are new to web development or the guru of all gurus, a life-long Trekkie or having never seen a single episode, everyone is welcome to join in.

It is going to be a fantastic event. Feel free to dress up as your favorite Star Trek character, but know that all Red Shirts will be sacrificed and present first.

So, get ready to hack and engage!

How it will work: For this Star Trek themed hackathon we will be providing a few challenges that you can choose to work on individually or with a team so if you’ve never been to a hackathon before - don’t worry!

There will be people on hand to help you out.

The challenges aren’t mandatory either, so if you’ve got an amazing idea to redesign Voyager’s warp core, or want to build an interface to chart the neutral zone , go for it!

All that matters is that you have fun with it.

Challenges may include:

• Build a medical interface for both on ship computers and communicators for field missions (some responsive design)

• Create an interface that charts new solar systems for deep space missions

• Build a timeline charting the birthdates and locations of everybody in Star Fleet

• Build the interface to control: Teleporters / Photon torpedos / Ship computers / Warp core

• Build a prototype visor interface to be installed in visors for recon missions

Resources: Memory Alpha ( for all your data and Cygnus-x1 ( for blueprints and interface pictures.

Location: YMC Headquarters:


• Friday, May 1st from 6:30pm to 11:00pm

• Doors open at 6:15pm

• Hacking Starts at 6:45pm to 11:00pm

• Presentations at 11:00pm

Cost: $5 per person (for food and drink)

Requirements: Laptop, creativity, and adherence to the Prime Directive

Space: 40 People