• TechTuesday 12/2018: “Fintech -- disrupting a trillion dollar business”

    It’s TechTuesday again!

    This time with a topic that couldn't be more Zurich-like: “Fintech -- disrupting a trillion dollar business”.

    It's such a vast and vibrant field, that we could easily fill a whole year of TechTuesday's only with this topic -- but let's start with this one event.

    We are happy to announce the following speakers:

    1. Erik Gloerfeld, Head of Technology and Product (Co-Founder), yova.ch

    2. Jürg Müller, Economics Editor NZZ & Co-Author of "The End of Banking"

    3. TBA

    As always, we'll get into a lively discussion after our speaker's inputs.

    Hope to see many of you there,
    René & Nino

    PS: Don't forget to bring "Münz" for the beverages!

  • TechTuesday 10/2018: SnowHaze, private browsing & the ad-based www

    Impact Hub @Viadukt

    It’s TechTuesday again!

    This time with SnowHaze (http://snowhaze.com), a startup project by five ETH students to "... offer you the most extensive tools on iOS to protect your personal data."

    SnowHaze will tell us how they came about to launch the project, what they learned and what the app can do for you.

    We will also hear from Laura Galamb from Teralytics what role data plays in their business.

    Afterwards we'll have a, surely controversial, discussion together with the audience. A special focus will be on the question, if we all use ad blockers and do not share any of our data, then who will pay for all the "free" content and services on the web?

    Hope to see many of you there,
    René & Nino

    PS: Don't forget to bring "Münz" for the beverages!
    PPS: Sorry for the late announcement, but we have both been travelling all of September.

  • TT 08/2018: "Summer Networking & Startup Pitches”

    Impact Hub @Viadukt

    It’s TechTuesday again!

    At 35 degrees we are in summer mood as well and will be having another one of our (almost legendary) Summer Networking Events. So for those of you who would be first-timers, here is what we are going to do:

    1) Listen to Earlybird (https://earlybird.ch), a Zurich startup helping you eat healthy during a stressful day.

    2) Open Mic! If you have a project / startup that you (on short notice) want to pitch, feel free to do so. Time limit is 10 minutes.

    3) Most importantly: talk to each other! So bring your socialising mood -- there will be many interesting people around to talk to.

    Hope to see many of you there,
    René & Nino

    PS: Don't forget to bring "Münz" for the beverages!

  • TT 06/2018: "Digital Transformation CH, Asia & beyond”

    Impact Hub @Viadukt

    It’s TechTuesday again!

    This time with very special guests:

    Sunnie J. Groeneveld is the founder of the consultancy Inspire 925 and its two spin-off companies LunchLottery and Inspire 529. She also headed digitalswitzerland, previously known as DigitalZurich2025, Switzerland’s largest cross-industry initiative on digital transformation.

    Jean-Marc Hensch has been CEO of Swiss ICT-union swico since 2012. Previously, Jean-Marc was working as a PR-consultant for many years. As a columnist on inside-it.ch and as @sosicles on Twitter he is an avid advocate of the digital economy.

    Manuel Stagars is currently interviewing pioneers, thought leaders, and innovators in blockchain technology and cryptoassets for his new podcast "The Blockchain and Us". Among conversations with digital entrepreneurs in the United States, the UK, and Asia, he also speaks with Swiss movers and shakers about the role of disruptive technologies in the digital future.

    Together with our guests we want to discuss the state of the “Digital Transformation” in Switzerland, Asia and beyond. As always, this will be a highly interactive format, with audience participation explicitly encouraged. More information on Manuel and his manifold projects can be found on his website, http://www.manuelstagars.com. His podcast is available on iTunes and on http://www.theblockchainandus.com.

    Hope to see many of you there,
    René & Nino

    PS: Don't forget to bring "Münz" for the beverages!

  • TechTuesday 04/2018: Data Science -- hands on!

    Technopark Zurich

    It's TechTuesday again!

    This time we are teaming up with the awesome Propulsion Academy, THE Data Science bootcamp in Switzerland. Currently they are helping a bunch of bright people to become top-notch Data Scientists -- and on April 3rd they will present their final projects. We thought this will be interesting to all TechTuesday members, which is why we are inviting you to join the the event.

    So if you are interested to see what data scientists do, please register here -- and hurry up, space is rather limited.


    Next time we'll have a usual TechTuesday event again.

    René & Nino

  • TechTuesday 02/2018: Net neutrality, NetzDG, nBÜPF & Co.

    Impact Hub - Workshop Room Garage

    It's TechTuesday again -- and we are going to talk about politics, freedom and digital rights. As a speaker we are happy to feature Patrick Stählin, who will talk about the current state of internet politics in Switzerland.

    After his talk we will get into a (surely) intense and controversial discussion.

    See you all on Tuesday!

    Nino & René

    PS: Mind the location -- different from our usual one.

  • TechTuesday 12/2017: Blockchain! Again!

    Impact Hub @Viadukt

    It's TechTuesday again! For December 2017 we are revisiting a topic that we covered a little bit over a year ago: Blockchain! A lot has happened in the Blockchain space since and we want to give a quick wrap-up about one year “crypto” & Blockchain in general.

    Here is the program:

    19:15 Blockchain Documentary

    As introduction to the evening we are happy to be able to show Manuel Stagar's Blockchain documentary "The Blockchain and Us", featuring interviews of players involved with this technology, discussing questions about the impacts of blockchain technology on economics, societies and individuals.

    20:00 Discussion: Panel & Audience

    We will talk about the points raised in the documentary and beyond with an impressive lineup of panelists:

    Angelica Bienz, Crypto Valley Association, Member of Workgroup Policy & Regulation

    Thomas Bocek, Head of P2P and distributed systems at the Communication Systems Group at the University of Zurich

    Martin Eckert, Legal Partner at MME

    Daniel Haudenschild, CEO Swisscom Blockchain AG

    As always, we will have a very interactive discussion between the panel and the audience. To help us structure the discussion, we’d be happy if you could vote and submit questions you’d like to be discussed using this link (https://app2.sli.do/event/zskxbdnv/ask) (anonymous) until latest Monday noon.

    IMPORTANT: We are overwhelmed by the interest and we are most likely running out of space. Unfortunately, this time we were unable to organize an adequate substitute for our usual venue. This means: we cannot guarantee that there will be seats for everyone, so FIRST COME FIRST SERVE from 6.45 pm onwards (we should be able to fit[masked] people).

    See you all on December 5th!

    René & Nino

  • CANCELLED: TechTuesday 10/2017


    Dear fellow TechTuesday'ers

    Unfortunately we have to cancel TechTuesday from October 3rd due to some unexpected organisational issues. We were planning an event on the topic "Industry 4.0" but just this week ran into problems with the availability of our planned speakers, that we decided to cancel the event. We were first thinking to postpone the event to November, but then decided to stick to our regular schedule and have the next TechTuesday, as planned, in December.

    In order to give you a little teaser for December: many of you remember TechTuesday from October 2016 on "Blockchain". The blockchain space is so vibrant, with many things that happened (Bitcoin's Segwit, Ethereum's Metropolis around the corner, a myriad of ICO's, etc.) that we feel it's time for another Blockchain TechTuesday - so stay tuned. Maybe we'll even have a new location ;)

    See you all in December -- cheers

    René & Nino

  • TechTuesday 08/2017: Summer Networking!

    Impact Hub @Viadukt

    It's TechTuesday again! And you all took us by surprise: 100 registrations already! Aren't you on vacation, people? Don't you stop being hungry for Tech-Talks?

    Well -- good you don't! Cause we do neither. However, our planned "small summer networking special" is rather going to be a "not-so-small summer networking special" :)

    So, what are we going to do?


    #1 Talk to each other! After one year and many (as we think) insightful talks since last summer, it's time again to provide some space to get to know your fellow TechTuesday'ers. As always, we will provide some snacks. But feel free to bring your dinner, if you like to.

    #2 We will have a maximum of 7 x 5min slots for "open mic" contributions. Want to pitch your startup? Your chance! Want to tell us about your "side project"? Feel free! So, if you want to contribute (or know someone who might want to contribute) please shoot René a mail: contact (at) renepfitzner (dot) net -- or use the meetup messaging functionality.

    See you all on August 8th!

    René & Nino

    PS: Don't forget to bring "Münz" for your drinks. Also, if you have not done already: please like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/techtuesdayzh/) and/or follow @TechTuesday_CH (http://twitter.com/TechTuesday_CH) on Twitter for updates from Zurich's largest general technology meetup.

    PPS: Next "regular" TechTuesday will be on October 3, 2017!