Digital Storytelling Workshop

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Robin DeMattia, is a journalist and marketing consultant. Robin will discuss working with photographers to capture images for marketing, media relations and storytelling purposes. Her top tip: Develop a comprehensive shot list and explain to the photographer why you need specific shots.

Paula DiGrigoli - is the executive director of NCH (Naples Community Hospital) Safe & Healthy Children Coalition. Paula will explain and demonstrate how using a "Hashtag" and "Tagging" allows wide engagement and drives online storytelling via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Sam Kelly, is the social media manager of Harry Chapin Food bank. Sam will give us a behind the scene look at the Harry Chapin Food Bank’s local initiative for Sept 4th. This is National Hunger Action Day and they are inviting everyone to wear orange in support of, and to promote Hunger Awareness.

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Wow, do I have a story for you! That’s how it all starts - with a story. Whether it’s about your latest success, a new employee, a grant received, a project begun, or any other newsworthy message from your organization that you want and need to share. We tell those things in a story. In the past we shared the story through the use of print media, advertising, networking get-togethers, and just telling friends and associates. Things have changed and are continuing to change.

So, how do we use the new tools available to spread our stories? That’s what this month’s NFN4Good/501Tech meeting is about. Digital Storytelling - the what, why, and how. Join us at our new meeting location.

We invite all local nonprofit organizations to network, learn, test and explore new technologies, exchange ideas,and best practices. #nptech #nfn4g #501swfl #net2

Dinner and soft drinks for every one.

Caterer: Nico's Kitchen