Google Analytics: From Set-up to Decision Making Tool

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Google Analytics is a free service by Google to track traffic on your website.

In the first part of the meeting we will go over the steps necessary to set up Google Analytics and how to connect it with your website.

The second part we go over the the technical terms, and what the GA metrics are. You will learn how to navigate the Google Analytics space.

During the third part we’ll discuss traffic numbers of various nonprofit websites.

What are KPIs (Key performance indicators) for your site?

If you’d like us to look at your numbers, too, this 33 sec video ( will show you how to give me temporary access without revealing your access credentials.

So, what ARE your questions you’d like to have answered by traffic data from your website? How might you use Google Analytics? Send us your thoughts and be as specific as you can. You can answer via email or post your question in our Facebook group discussion (

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