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Chicago women are active engagers, innovators and leaders in Big Data. And our ranks and influence need to grow! We bring valuable experience, perspective and ideas to drive business results and change the world. Chicago Women in Big Data’s mission is to:

1) Connect women in big data, data science, and analytics to build a community of leaders in all things data!

2) Inspire women data-crunchers and hackers in Chicago and grow our numbers (more women and more promotions).

3) Increase the visibility and showcase/celebrate the incredible work Chicago women in big data produce - as leaders and practitioners.


Connect women in Chicago who work in and love big data and analytics; promote discussion and idea-sharing amongst all big data leaders and practitioners; and showcase female thought-leadership from local and international data superstars.


To increase the visibility and success of women in big data, close the gender gap in big data and analytics, and increase the number of women leaders in the field.


1) Build a community of women who are interested in big data technology, problems, and applications.

2) Host speakers and showcase stories of thought-leaders in big data and analytics.

3) Foster discussion, idea sharing, and a launch point for new initiatives.

4) Create an open and diverse forum of men and women to learn, collaborate and be inspired by the work of our female big data community!

Who’s This For?

Women and men who work in big data, analytics, digital or data technology.

Anyone who is interested in learning about big data, analytics, digital or data technology as part of their profession or passion or potentially to enter the field.

Leaders and supporters who are invested in advancing the diversification of the data and technology industry to drive continued growth and innovation.

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