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Teleios Meditation & Study Group (http://njgnosis.org) is a place to meditate with others, and to learn how to meditate. We offer meditation sessions, classes, and retreats for all levels of meditators. We are non-denominational, non-political, and welcome students from all traditions, cultures, religions, and beliefs. What we teach and practice has nothing to do with beliefs or traditions; instead, we study and practice the universal, fact-based, scientific method of activating and expanding the consciousness.

All of our activities are donation-based and tax-deductible. There are no fees, dues, subscriptions, memberships, "masters," anyone to follow, and vows or oaths to take, or anything like that.

So enough about us, let's talk about what you really want to know:

What is Meditation, Really?

Real meditation is:
• a form of perception
• a way of getting information
• a precise science

In modern times, people use the word meditation in vague, imprecise, and contradictory ways. In fact, most people have no idea what meditation really is.

Meditation is a state of consciousness. Since consciousness is the basis of perception, meditation is a state of perception.

In the state of meditation, by reflecting on a problem or question, we can find answers, insight, wisdom, guidance.

In the state of meditation, we can perceive what is hidden from the physical senses.

In the state of meditation, there is no debate, dogma, belief, or theory: there is only the experience of what is real.

You can learn more by reading our Pages (www.njgnosis.org), or by attending a lecture.

Currently we offer:
• Lectures once a month on Saturdays with meditation and instruction.

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Meditation Introduction (Lecture & Practice)

Martinsville Community Center

We will discuss the basis of meditation and how skillfully progress through the beginning stages of meditation: 1) Balance in life 2) Posture 3) Breathing 4) Calming the mind As well as what is beyond: absorption, and samadhi. All levels are welcome, especially those looking to learn meditation for the first time! We are located in the Board Room of the Martinsville Community Center, 1961 Washington Valley Rd, Martinsville, NJ 08836

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