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Health and Happiness Crystal Grid with Naha

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Due to small group size, registration pre-payment is required, thanks for understanding

Health and Happiness Grid

This magical operation is for anyone interested in creating a healthier mind, body, and soul. For those wishing to clear out mental clutter, release stress, calm anxiety, ease tension, and in doing so clear the source of much physical discomfort, thereby increasing your ability to live a rich, full and happy life.

In this class you will each receive a special selection of crystals which work directly with the intention of replacing negative energies with positive ones. Creating happiness where there was grief, peace where there was chaos, focus where there was confusion, and comfort where there was pain. After tuning into exactly what each specific persons most important areas are that must be addressed, each person will clear themselves of fear-based thoughts and feelings. Many of the stones that you receive in this class are intended to heal the physical body, not just the energetic forms.
You will learn the properties of each stone you receive as well as the meaning of the shape or form, and have an opportunity to let yourself to acclimate to each crystalline energy as it works to soothe and revitalize you. You will then charge and program your stones with the proper frequencies to achieve your intentions, and use your body as a conduit to connect each stone in a grid as you attune yourself to their healing vibration. Each person will then “link in” with a specially created master grid to broadcast this intention outward. Through guided meditation you set up geometric grids along your own meridian points that will continuously work to keep your channels clear, your pranic energy flowing, and your systems processing all of your daily experiences in a way where you can move through things without snags, and lessen the physical manifestations of pain in your body.

Setting this grid up in your home not only will bring an elevated sense of joy to you and your surroundings but will also project this energy outward to keep external stress and negativity away from you, out of your home, and out of your awareness. As this grid projects the energies of healing and happiness, the more that it charges, the more it will affect those around you. This grid is also appropriate for sending distance healing to those in need.

This two hour ceremony includes study materials on the included crystals, cleansing charging and programming, guided meditation, crystal healing on the body, and creating a grid for the home. The stones that participants receive and take home have been specially hand selected and cleansed in preparation. You will receive anywhere from 10-14 crystals in your grid set.

Cost of class is $25 + $20 for crystals (these high-quality stones retail at over $50)

What is a crystal grid? A crystal grid is a method of creating a sacred space by placing stones of specific metaphysical properties in a geometric pattern to broadcast a specific intention and create a powerful energetic transmitter.
What should I bring/wear? Please:
-bring prayer candle (your favorite color, I suggest the rainbow 7-color chakra candles) (in glass container, will also be available for purchase)
-bring a pen and a journal or notebook
-dress in clean, comfortable clothing.
-respect the fact that this is a sacred operation
-do not bring your own crystals to this class, you will receive all crystals needed for -this working, and may add your own to the grid once you take them home
-please remove jewelry
-be ready for positive, powerful results!

IMPORTANT: The class is limited to 8 attendees only, in order to give all the best possible experience. PRE-PAYMENT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT, ANY OPEN SPOTS WILL BE FIRST-COME FIRST SERVED.

About the teacher:
Naha Armady has been a student of Esoteric Sciences for 20 years. Her interests include Tarot, Hermetic Qabalah, Practical Alchemy, Astrology and Crystal Healing. Born in Los Angeles but raised in Seattle, Naha studied with two master teachers; William Kiesel, an occult publisher ( and Qabalistic scholar and magician and Dan Garber, Alchemist and scholar of the Hermetic Mysteries and architect of Sacred Geometry. As part of a practical magical working group she studied the Western Hermetic Tradition and worked with Thelemic and Qabalistic ritual and magic, learned hands-on alchemical operations studying under Robert Bartlett, partook in traditional Blackfoot Sweat Lodges, began studies with the Builders of the Adytum Western Mysteries School as well as began her yoga practice, attuning her mind and body to the vibrations of the elements and communing with the spirit realm.
Naha moved to Los Angeles in January of 2010 and shortly thereafter was led to the front door of House of Intuition. There she received certification in Reiki I and II and Shamanic and Crystal Healing Initiations. In 2012 she received certification as a Trans-Crystal Therapist from Rev. Patricia Bankins. She has combined her training and studies with her intuitive gifts to work with clients through readings and healings. Naha teaches the Tarot, Developing Intuition, Psychic Protection, Crystals and Stones classes, Intro to Practical Magic, Guided Meditation and more in the Western Hermetic Mystery Tradition.