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Cosmic Kundalini w/Dustin

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Vibrational healing has been used for thousands of years in ancient civilizations. Egypt is said to have used sound and color for healing and many of their healing centers had special rooms devoted only to healing with color and sound. Combining chakra-specific sound frequencies and colorful visual projections, Anubis channels vibrational healing through musical soundscapes while transforming the room into a cosmic temple of healing and freedom. These meditations feature powerful, subtle frequencies chosen for their ability to transform the mind, body, and spirit. Join Anubis for an interdimentional journey to restore, balance and harmonize your being!

Cosmic Kundalini
Kundalini is a powerful energy that is within each one of us and some believe is the foundation of life itself: the life force of the universe that is present in all things. Take a journey inside and outside of your being with the Cosmic Kundalini meditation. Starting at the root chakra and following the traditional Vedic chakra system, participants undertake a healing meditative journey from the earth and the base of the spine to the crown of the head and out into the universe. This meditation is geared towards providing inward reflection, awareness and an expanded consciousness.


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