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Creative Transformational Dance - The Phoenix – Rebirth

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Price: $10.00 /per person
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Creative Transformational Dance - The Phoenix – Rebirth

with Carisa Mellado

The Phoenix is a mythical firebird that is known to live for hundreds of years and then eventually build a nest, which it sets on fire as both itself and the nest are reduced to ashes. From the ashes a phoenix egg or baby phoenix emerges as the phoenix is reborn. The phoenix rises from the ashes of it's old self, reborn and new symbolizing immortality, renewal and rebirth. The month of November is governed by Scorpio, which is connected to this sacred bird. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, a planet that is often referred to as the "great renewer" as it governs cycles of birth, death and rebirth. This dance will be focused on the theme of rebirth, letting go of what is no longer needed and birthing our newly revitalized selves!

About Creative Transformational Dance

This is a class for everybody of every age, gender and every level. Starting with a meditation we connect deeply to the breath and gently start to move in whatever way our body directs us. For every person this will be different, there is no movement too small or big, no movement that is right or wrong. It is about listening to ourselves to find the movement that feels right to us. We will move through the expression of our legs, our hips, our spine, our arms and head, through the energy centers of the body in whatever way we feel like expressing ourselves. This requires us to direct our attention within and listen to our bodies and our hearts.

Within a very short time the dance will begin to dance us, as we let go more and more, we can shake away what we no longer need from our cells and our lives and open up to our true selves and our hearts.

This is an extremely powerful and transformative experience. Old skin is shed, old energy, old patterns, old trauma is released and expelled through this powerful process as a new you is born.

As you connect to your wildest, truest and most fearless self, your heart shines through your being. Realizations and revelations are discovered and creative blocks melt away. A deep sense of freedom is found through this dance, reservations, emotional, mental and physical tightness and fear is released and the spirit is freed through this ecstatic dance. As a group we dance our beauty, our wildness, our spirit. We dance a new self and our dreams into being, to honor a new day and a new cycle!

Please wear comfortable and expressive clothing for dancing.

About the Teacher:

Carisa is a Reiki Master/ Teacher and has been working as a Tarot Reader and Spiritual Healer for over 17 years. She has been teaching courses in Psychic and Intuitive Development, Spiritual Development, Tarot Reading, Reiki and Channeling, Intuitive Art, Creative Dance, Mythology and more for over 15 years. She has 12 years experience in a variety of dance styles, including classical, jazz and Latin ballroom. She is the author of the "Ask An Angel" oracle Cards and the "Mythic Oracle" cards.


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