Empath Activation w/Michael Domitrovich

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Price: $40.00 /per person

House of Intuition

2237 Sunset Blvd · Los Angeles, CA

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2 blocks West of Alvarado on Sunset and Waterloo, between Silverlake & Echo Park Neigh

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Explore your ability to “read" feelings.

Empath Activation is a journey based workshop that dives deeply into the heart in order to understand and empower the intuitive gift of empathy.
The class features a brief lecture on empathy as a latent psychic sense in all humans, how it connects to the heart, how to turn it on and off as an empowered gift, and how to prevent empathic overload.
We’ll then do our empathic journeying - a guided meditation to activate and balance the expression and reception of your empathic gift in your daily life. Energetic healing will be given during this time to work with any blockages or resistance.
This is followed by a practice period, with a handful of exercises designed to explore and refine your empathic gifts. We then finish off with a debriefing and suggestions for next steps.


Michael Domitrovich is the founder of Edible Spirit.

He has dedicated his life to the illumination and empowerment of all beings everywhere. His highest ideal is peace, not as an abstraction, but as an attainable state for all beings here and now.

Michael developed his commitment to service working in his family's restaurants. He continued by refining his gifts as an artist and writer. His awakening to his path as a healer and teacher was surprising, sudden, and all encompassing. He has since devoted his practice to guiding other seekers along their path, helping people to understand the spiritual plane, psychic awakening, and soul-study within the context of their everyday lives.

Trained as a psychic, medium, healer, and conscious channel, Michael receives and relays information from the spiritual plane that he communicates in easily accessible ways. He reads the whole soul of every being he encounters, be they an individual, a couple, a pet, a family, or a business. He treats challenges as opportunities for learning, growth, change, and evolution. He fully understands the practical implications that concern his clients and is always aiming to make the most woo-woo-out-there-esoteric material as straightforward and satisfying as a delicious meal.