Weekly Meditation Practice and Study Session

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This week's topic: Deepening Session on Meditating on Basic Goodness - Nurturing the Spark of Awareness
Recommended Reading: Joy of Living pp. 46-53

Weekly informal session that includes a mix of guided meditation, instruction on meditation techniques, and discussion about meditation practice taught in the relaxed, clear style of the Tibetan master Mingyur Rinpoche, author of best-selling book “The Joy of Living”.

All of our weekly practice sessions aim to be informative, encouraging and accessible for beginners and experienced meditators alike. We explore meditation according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, staying true to that tradition while learning and discussing in an informal, secular setting.

We present meditation in a non-religious way that embraces ancient wisdom, modern knowledge and contemporary scientific understanding to show that anyone can bring peace, compassion and wisdom into their lives by cultivating a meditation practice.

These sessions are free. They will be led by Matt Zumwalt and other participants from the Tergar Philly practice group. Donations are welcome.