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Culti Meetup Amsterdam => New in Town, Just Social & Outdoors

In this Meetup, everything is nice, easy and social! We are meeting for going to the most cozy bars and restaurants in Amsterdam, for going on daytrips to great sides around the corner for fun, for new discoveries, but most of all: for meeting new people.

This group is the most charming way on your road to meeting the most charming friends.

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- "Just Social" -

When we speak of "Just Social" in this group, it means we want just fun and take our time. Many people who go to meetups, might start to like the idea of a new love, but are not looking really hard. Also a lot of couples who came to The Netherlands are not looking at all, but have no local friends at all - yet.

This tends to change after they start coming to our meetups.

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- "This looks prommising and I think I like this" -

Well, if so don't hesistate - and just sign up for your new meetup group :)

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Upcoming events (2)

Moonset Walkabout @ Zandvoort Beach
Needs a date and time

Cafe Balkon

* * * * * * * * - Moonset Walkabout Zandvoort Beach - Discover Zandvoort in a unique way with Culti Group! There is the Zandvoort Daytime Experience, an experience in which there are much and many distractions. Like people all over the place when the weather is great, and lots of people doing their walking if the weather is so so. But there also is the Zandvoort after sunset. Say 5/6 days a month, the moon sets in between 7 and 9. And during the winterseason, this comes with a visible moonset. Which is a great sight. It's not sensational at all - but it is very impressive anyway, because of the sounds of the wind, the water and also because of taking some distance from the at times stressfull life in the West of the Netherlands. More information will be added later on.

Walkabout & Coffee @ Amsterdam City (Locks, Dykes & Coffee afterwards)
Needs a date and time

Amsterdam Central Station Platform 2 in front of Burger King

* * * * * * * * - Walkabout & Coffee @ Amsterdam City (Locks, Dykes & Coffee Afterwards) - Let's meet some new people, and check out what this IJ Lock on the picture above it all about :) - The Meetup - First, we will meet at the central station. After a bit of small talk, Arjan will show you some places :) * * * * * * * * - First Stop - This Walkabout will start with getting off the beaten track straight away! We'll check out a parking for bikes. Arjan will show many examples of bikes which will be stolen within a week and bikes which wont be stolen any time soon. Plus how so :) Those who will in fact pay attention won't see their own bike stolen any time soon. * * * * * * * * - Second Stop - The second stop is one of the many locks in Amsterdam. These locks still have a function. It's not the same function as they used to have. So this means there are two stories to tell here :) More information about the other stops will be added to the text later on :) * * * * - Costs - This meetup is for free for the these 25 people who have got themselves a place on the sign up list. For all other people, its EUR 10,- each. (The main reason why is because I don't want to walk around town with a big group.) - When? - A date will be set as soon as 15 people have signed up for this meetup :)

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