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French Language Meetup @ Caberdouche Café - Brussels
* * * * - French Language Meetup - Do you like keeping your French up to date? Or do you want to help the ones that need some help here? If so, this meetup might be something for you :) Let's Meet in order to have conversations in French together! - Costs - Pay for your own drinks plus please leave a EUR 1 tip for the organization and the venue. * * * * * * * * - How to Find? - This meetup will take place at an easy to find venue, which is very close to subway station Gare Centrale. In this venue, it's possible to eat a little something - or to just have some drinks. - For those who already speak a bit of French - ANYONE that can take part in the meetup without having to ask "What does this mean?" all the time, is MORE than welcome! ( And yes, pretending to understand it all and "Nodd and smile IS allowed :) ) Because reading and listening are very good teachers too... In fact anything that doesn't slow down practicing the language goes :) Or in more strict words: this meetup is not the best place to go to for absolute beginners - What more needs to be said? - Enjoy the Meetup!

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Café Caberdouche,place de la Liberté 8 ,1000 Bruxelles

Place de la Liberté 8 · Bruxelles

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