We meet at the UU Church of Akron for this event.

During cold or rainy weather we will be indoors, in the warm and welcoming McKeemon room. There is a brick fireplace, and we usually drum by firelight!

In warm, dry weather, we may be outside at the medicine wheel...with a fire of course!

On those nights it's important to bring: an outdoor chair, maybe bug spray.

No experience necessary! We have always had a circle that is welcoming to those who are "drum circle curious" and the novice. Though I do love energetic festival drumming, this is a more laid back group....but we love to really crank it up! It all depends on the drummers who show up as to the energetic levels.

Come with a willingness to open your heart to the rythm of life!!

Drum, dance,. or just sit back in one of the rocking chairs (inside)and listen to the beat!! Bring drums and percussion toys, rattles, bells, etc. If you don't have any toys, there are always a few around to share.

A love donation is accepted to help defray costs, if you can.

If you can't, then bless you doubly, and come out to share your spirit!!

Children are welcome; and must stay with the adults.

Take a chance and experience the beauty and warmth of an interactive community building activity -

the Drum Circle!!