What we're about

Tired of struggling as an entrepreneur and are you looking for an army of fans, followers and friends to explode sales in your business?

Then you've joined the right group because we're a tight knit community, committed to growing each other's businesses in the Hampton Roads area...

First step is to join and RSVP to our FREE monthly conference call training's hosted by author and business strategist, Terrell Jones, where you'll experience:

- Proven frameworks to grow your business in a different skill each month
- Details of how to practically apply that months topic to increase sales
- Interactive and engaging group activities to make concepts stick
- Hottest new strategies and tactics relevant today in business
- Powerful Q&A sessions
- Step-by-step customized blueprints specifically for your business
- Free checklist, resources and tools
- Monthly gifts, giveaways and prizes
- Low cost monthly workshops where everyone will meetup at a live training to network (for members only)

This content was pioneered by Terrell and approved by various experts who generate millions of dollars in their businesses and live stress free. The mission of these training calls is to equip and educate local small businesses and entrepreneurs in Hampton Roads to dramatically improve the rate at which they grow their business at the highest level, in less time and stress.

Terrell Jones is a certified business strategist, passionate about ending the epidemic of struggling businesses to live up to their true potential and think outside the box. He's creating a mass movement to influence and mentor people across the country based on 10+ years’ of personal experience, hundreds of hours in deep dive research on productivity and business strategy, attending seminars, high level trainings and interviews with the world's most successful people, his personal millionaire mentors and various experience with executive coaching clients.


1) Do these calls cost money to attend?
No, 100% FREE to attend these monthly calls

2) Do I need to RSVP?
Yes, because there's a limited number of spots available. The call will be closed at capacity.

3) When are the calls hosted?
Typically toward the middle of every month. Best way is to keep your eyes on your email to find out when the next training call will be.

4) If I miss a call will there be a replay?
Yes, if you end up missing a call, there will be a replay provided for a limited amount of time. You'll just have to RSVP anyway so you're on the mailing list.

5) Where's the conference call information?
You'll be emailed it upon registering for that specific event

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