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December Meetup - Holiday Gift Exchange

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December Meetup - Holiday Gift Exchange


It's the Yearly HP Meetup gift exchange!

We apologize that its on a Tuesday this year. We have been having a lot of conflicts with the calendar but made sure to schedule this as early into December as possible.


Members who wish to bring and receive a gift will present their gift to one of the organizers at the beginning of the Meetup. These gifts will be placed in the gift pile. You will receive a printed number that will be used later that evening.

After dinner, the numbers will be called one at a time. The member with that number will pick a gift from the gift stack. We will then open our gifts all at the same time and show them to the group!


1. Is bringing a gift required to attend this Meetup?

  • No, but if you would like to receive a gift, you have to bring one to share. If you are unable to bring a gift, you can still attend and hang out.

2. Do the gifts have a price limit?

  • Please keep your gift within $15. We understand if you want to possibly spend more, but try not to. This ensures that everyone's gifts are within the same price range.

3. Any advice on the kind of gift?

  • It would be wonderful if we all had time to handcraft a gift, but a store-bought gift is just as wonderful, it's the magic of the giving that counts.
  • Also, it's probably best to avoid specific houses, since the gifts will be random and you won't know what house someone is in.

4. Does it have to be HP related?

  • Yes, the gift should be HP related.

5. Should the gifts be wrapped?

  • Actually, this is pretty much a requirement. This is so every gift is a surprise! Don't worry if you are not good at wrapping! This is not a Martha Stewart Meetup and you will not be judged for your wrapping prowess ;)

6. What about HP-NYC's policy about Warner Brothers and JK Rowling products?

  • We strongly encourage our members to patronize independent fan creators (Such as on Etsy, and Fan art item websites) and second-hand stores. But we certainly will not police gifts that you provide.
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