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Wizards on Ice at Bryant Park!

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Wizards on Ice at Bryant Park!


It's our annual cosplay ice skating event! Each year we alternate between Brooklyn and Manhattan skating rinks. Last year our event was in Prospect Park so we are back at Bryant Park this year!

TICKET INFO: You are responsible for obtaining your own ticket to the rink. Admission is free and skate rentals have a range in price around $20. Even if you are using free admission you have to sign up for a ticket.

To get your ticket go to: and click on RESERVE SKATE TIME

Choose your ticket type and make sure to select Sunday January 8th, with the 10:45am entrance time.

We will gather at the main entrance of the rink at 10:30am and enter together at 10:45am

Lets get a huge headcount for this! The more members the better as this is one of our premiere events! Lets freak out the Muggles and help promote the group!

COSTUMES ARE NOT REQUIRED JUST STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. Please come even if you don't have robes or other HP costumes.

Also please feel free to come even if you don't skate. There are seating areas around the rink so you can sit sip some hot cocoa and watch us flail around =)

GROUP PHOTO: After we skate we gather for a group photo. So please stick around if you want to be in the photo!

We are going to reserve a large group table at Reichenbach Hall. A German Beer Hall that is a few blocks away. They have a full menu and include vegetarian dishes as well.

We will have a second event created to track RSVPs for our reservation for lunch. It will be for 2:30pm

Harry Potter NYC - The Group that Shall Not be Named
Harry Potter NYC - The Group that Shall Not be Named
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