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What we’re about

Welcome to Global Bridgebuilders, a space for visionaries & world changers to maximise their potential for social good by developing into transformative leaders who transform the world.

While many people look at leadership as a title, role or level of charisma, we believe leadership is a practice, something that can be learned.

Together, we are building a global community of self-aware, compassionate and purpose driven leaders.

We're looking for others to join us on a journey we call Leading Whole.
Leading Whole is a term I came up with to capture the process that is healing, inner growth and transformation into our highest selves. It’s a philosophy for living that is all about leading your life from a deep belief that you are complete, whole and lacking nothing.

The problem is that most of us were raised in societies that didnt always afirm possibility and worth but instead dimmed our light by reducing us to boxes and labels, making us feel stupid, ugly, unworthy of love, and not enough…

The good news is that we are so much more than our pasts and we are NOT who others say we are either. We have the power to be whomever we want to be but it all begins with a choice. The choice to accept responsibility for your own life – your own healing, growth and transformation into your truest and highest version of self.

This journey of  Leading Whole is not always easy – it requires we dig deep, get real and explore some of the darkest parts of ourselves. Because it's not only one choice we must make, but its a daily process of recommitting -- of choosing time and time again the road less traveled.

That said, when we go that narrow path and bravely look within to cultivate the courageous to stand for what we believe, even when no one else is with us, we will uncover a reservoir of joy, peace, love, resilience and power greater than we've ever know.  

But let's not go it alone, because we need each other, as sustaining change in a broken world will require many many.

What to expect from this community?
Please note that Meetup will only be used to showcase some of the upcoming events. The majority of our support & engagement will be happening off this platform and in-between events so be sure to join us directly.

  • Transformative Experiences: be it a workshop, community building event or book club, each month we’ll have at least one opportunity to connect live with other visionaries and changemakers on this journey of leading whole. Experiences that help you build resilience, avoid burnout and more deeply connect to who you are & why you do what you do.
  • Meaningful Connection: Together we will dig deep, reflect inward and challenge ourselves to lean outside of our comfort zones. Expect to be amongst others who value building authentic relationships of depth -- ones that move past small talk and surface level to the real issues of life.
  • Newsletter - sign up to hear what im learning on this journey as well as receive a variety of tools, resources, support and community to help you heal, grow and transform into your highest self.

Who is this space for?
This space is for you if you...

  • see yourself as a bridge builder
  • desire to help create a more equitable world
  • want to have courageous conversations across difference
  • feel called to positively impact the world
  • are looking for ways to be a true ally to those around you, especially those from historically marginalised backgrounds
  • strive to be anti-racist
  • want to better understand yourself & others
  • feel called to live your values in action by living a life of integrity

Let's do this! Will you join me!?


PS. Looking forward to meeting you soon. In the meantime, click here to share your needs and give input on what support you'd like to receive from us.


Hear what others have to say about Leading Whole

"Leading Whole means taking every part of our being and finding a purpose for its function. The good, the bad, the ugly, our experiences, our mistakes, our fears, our dreams, who we believe we are and aren’t from the inside out and finding the courage to present all that we are daily, continually and eternally,  until those parts; once segmented become inseparable and hence vital to our existence. ." - Sam, Community Leader

"Leading Whole is approaching your life, goals and purpose with your mind, body and spirit." - Jwan, Healthcare Processional

"Leading Whole is living in such a way that you can confidently show up publicly as who you are privately to use whatever power you have for the benefit of others." - Paul, Graduate Student