Join us for the last PAUSE ON PURPOSE gathering in our three part lunch break series focusing on insights from spiritual teachers across the globe and across tradition. This isn't your typical book club dialogue but is a focused gathering covering a theme of spiritual development/inner growth. Join us if you want to grow in a deeper level of awareness and connection, learning tools to practice your values in action and cultivate more inner peace. For this Meetup we will connect around a specific theme of inner growth, in which we'll use a book from a spiritual teacher as our base for the main lessons learning and skill building. This final gatherings theme and book have yet to be set so that YOU can share the themes most important to you, and any recommendations for corresponding books. Please share your suggestions in the comments below! Please note that this Meetup will take place VIRTUALLY. It will begin promptly at 12:05pm and last for 30 minutes so that anyone can attend during their lunch break while still having time to handle any other personal tasks before getting back to the office. Knowing how much stress and anxiety is often created from peoples work environments, our hope in creating this series is that it be a quick yet powerful time of reorientation during your day -- surrendering negativity and overwhelm to be transformed into inner peace and clarity. Spirituality is a key part of all of our lives and our larger development -- whether you believe in God, Buddha, Allah, Mother Nature or Social Justice, we believe that in order to thrive we must see ourselves connected to something bigger than just ourselves. Please remember that this series is not intended to preach or train in any one tradition but to offer lessons learned from elders who have cultivated great inner strength and resilience through their own connection to "Source" energy. While we may focus on books from a particular faith tradition, we invite people of all backgrounds to glean from the insights. As 30minutes will go by quickly we ask that you please be on time. If you haven't read the book it is not a problem as we will focus on the larger theme, using the book simply as support in exploring the theme. Expect us to begin with intros to get to know one another, then move to a brief "teaching" on the theme. The rest of the time will be a mixture of reflection questions, group discussion, paired sharing and activities for you to apply the learnings to your life and practice the skills. Warmly, Akwese TO JOIN ONLINE PLEASE USE THE URL PROVIDED BELOW https://us04web.zoom.us/j/582358603 ----- SHARE SUGGESTIONS BELOW FOR THEMES YOU'D BE INTERESTED IN HAVING SPACE TO REFLECT ON, BUILD SKILLS IN AND PRACTICE :) Examples might be around cultivating patience, gratitude or joy.