Wednesday Indoor Volleyball

BKK Volleyball Social Group (Bangkok)
BKK Volleyball Social Group (Bangkok)

Every week on วันพุธ

Soccer Pro อ่อนนุช 17

718 On Nut 17 Alley · Khet Suan Luang




Join us on wednesday , at 6pm at the Bpro Onnut 17.

Please RSVP accordingly so we know there will be at least 8 players.

We will limit the players to 18. Please be so kind and RSVP as soon as possible.

For those who signed with YES and can not make it, be so kind and change the RSVP to NO to give others a chance to join. Thank you

We will reserve the court for 2 hours. The court fee is 1000 Baht per hour and will be split evenly amongst players. There is an additional 5 baht fee per game for replacement of balls and equipment.

If players can bring 100 and 50 Baht bills, it would make paying and giving out change easier.

Getting there by Sky Train (BTS): Onnut Station Take taxi for 40-50 Baht