NIPPON HAKU 2019 Bangkok!

Bangkok Anime Meetup
Bangkok Anime Meetup

Paragon Cineplex

991 Rama I Rd · Khet Pathum Wan


Please for god's sake, contact through this phone number: 0817125577 or join the line group.



NIPPON HAKU BANGKOK 2019, the grand event for Japan lovers -- J-Education, the leading Japanese language education institute and educational counseling center,
is set to organize the largest Japanese expo in Thailand. This time it has renamed the JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND as “NIPPON HAKU BANGKOK 2019”, the grand event for Japan lovers to experience the truly authentic Japan.

Be prepared for the spectacular shows on stage, entertainment, arts and culture performed by several artists such as BNK48 2nd Generation, NIYA, YURU, JAN CHAN, SWEAT16, and more.

However, we are going to mostly focus on the entertainment parts involving the anime and manga culture from Japan there!