Maruya 28 (Bangkok, Thailand)

Bangkok Anime Meetup
Bangkok Anime Meetup

Suan Dusit University

295 Nakhon Ratchasima Rd · Khet Dusit


Please for Buddha's sake, call me on this phone number: 0817125577 for details, or go join the line group.



Maruya, is a Thai anime/manga doujinshi event, hosted by a University in Thailand, Suan Dusit Thani University. This place not only sells doujinshi, but also hosts singers from Japan, cosplay contests, and also sells fan merchandise from your favorite anime/manga series (Depends on what they got). This is a good chance for anyone who's not from Thailand to experience a doujinshi event, that is almost akin to most of Japan's doujinshi events. There are also cosplayers from other countries attending too, for their cosplaying careers.

Also the event fee for entering into this convention is 100 Baht, so make sure to at least bring some money in case you got things you wish to purchase.

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