Fresh Faces of Bangkok! (Newbies)

Bangkok Expat Social Drinks Club
Bangkok Expat Social Drinks Club

Lub d Bangkok Siam

9 Rama I Rd · Khet Pathum Wan


Right on the steps of the National Stadum BTS Opposite side of the road to MBK. Look for meetup signs!



Holla! Jordan from BESDC here inviting all those new faces we're seeing around Bangkok to a VERY special meetup event. We're looking to recruit those of you who are new to town to our little social drinks club.

Our meetups are designed for those of you how are little bit nervous about showing up. How do we cure those nerves? Great questions and thanks for asking.

Our hosts are there to facilitate conversation and will pick up the slack during those weird silences. Oh and the booze, we ply every one with booze so if you say something silly, who cares? We're for the most part, all tipsy ;)

This event is going to be an absolute cracker, our friends at Lub d are launching a new bar concept called the Pumphouse. It's just near the National Stadium BTS (Right at the door of the BTS actually) They're putting on some crazy beer & cocktail specials and have an awesome band in the beer garden. We're super excited.

So, we hope to see you there, bring your mates, bring your sister, bring your ex boyfriend, but don't make it weird. HA!

Lots of love,

The Bangkok Expat Social Drinks Club Social Coordinating Team Captain.