Beers with Strangers - I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear

This is a past event

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W Market

W Market · Bangkok


Line: jonnyholmes From BTS - Come into the W Market past the Skywalk - We are normally the first big table you see, outside the 24 bar "Cheers2"



🌞 = Big yellow table in W Market near Cheers 2
☔ = Ouside Cheers 1

Yet another drinking session on a Friday evening, with random strangers.. some strangers will become friends, some people will simply annoy you, but it's a laugh finding out which.

What to bring...
> Money - For yourself, all BNM groups are free!
> Mobile Phone - So during awkward silences, you can pretend to look occupied when really you're looking at stupid cat pictures.

Don't invite any hippy guys with dreadlocks, girls who wear those Thai patterned pants or backpackers who post inspirational travel quotes on Instagram after leaving home only last Thursday.

So that's it, come and join in the Banter make some real friends and relax on a Friday evening.

My Line: jonnyholmes

• Please note:
If you click to accept you are coming, then please attend, or I have to ban you. Profiles without pictures and last minute cancellations of "my partner is sick" also gets you removed for being pathetic :)