Meetup ถัดไป

Pre-Meeting Dinner
We meet before each meeting to eat dinner and talk in a relaxed atmosphere. We welcome all members and guests to join us. Often times the presenter will also join us. Just ask for the Humanist table.


458 Bayfield St. · Barrie, ON


The Central Ontario Humanists Association (COHA) would like to welcome you to participate in our community. We extend our invitation to all Humanists, atheists, agnostics, non-theists, skeptics, freethinkers and other Humanist friendly people to join in our on-going discussion of engaging ideas and controversial topics and to share in our exploration of life and our community.

Started a decade ago, COHA is a group for non-religious people who believe in the majesty of the universe, who are in awe of life itself and who believe that it is incumbent on ourselves to live just and ethical lives. Our group believes that there is no topic or opinion too taboo to talk about.

We have social events through the year as well as regularly monthly meetings where we discuss interesting topics and try to raise the awareness of non-believers and expose others to new ideas.