Let's play board games at Meerkatto!

Chiang Mai Board Games Meetup
Chiang Mai Board Games Meetup


555/15 Fifth Avenue, Chiangmai-prao, 50210 ตำบล หนองจ๊อม อำเภอ สันทราย · เชียงใหม่


It is right after Ruamchok intersection, when going North, in a commercial building called Fifth Avenue. It is on the right side of the road, opposite to a PTT gas station.



Our traditional weekly meeting is on and scheduled to repeat every Saturday.

It's a free formula. People come, suggest a game, we vote if needed, and we play.

We play at Meerkatto Cafe. Price is 150 THB including 1 free drink (value of 65 THB). You can play all day at no extra cost. They also have yummy food and coffee. It is not allowed to bring food from outside the cafe.


You can give the direction in Thai to the taxi driver.

เส้นทางไปร้านกาแฟ Meerkatto

จากแยกรวมโชคมุ่งหน้าแม่โจ้ ขับตรงมาประมาณ 650 เมตร กลับรถหน้าปั๊มปตท. ร้านเป็นตึกแถวริมถนน ตรงข้ามกับปั๊มปตท.

Some of the games on shelves are: Alhambra, Cacao, Carcassonne, Cash and Guns, Castle Panic, Catan, Cave Troll, Coup, Cyclades, Dixit, Gubs, Niagara, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Colt Express, Terror in Meeple City, Saboteur, Splendor, Takenoko, Tikal, Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition.

There's no maximum number of joiners since they just opened an extra floor.

Post a comment if you have suggestions and feel free to bring any of your own games along!

Any gamers who can't get enough and would like to continue playing after Meerkatto closes can come to the Enjoy Cafe (about 1km from Meerkatto) where we can play more games until midnight :)
We have food and drinks available at very reasonable prices.
You can bring your own games if you like, however, there are many games (100+) available for anyone to play and a free pool table!

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