Bangkok's The Late Friday Lunch

This is a past event

มีผู้เข้าร่วม 10 คน ไปมาแล้ว

Every week on วันศุกร์



Our weekly "OMG It's Friday Morning Coffee" has a large following and as a matter of fact, many of our members then stay on for lunch. Some members are unable to make the morning event and they join us just for lunch.

About 1pm we leave our OMG Coffee meet up and either walk across the street to EM Quartier or stay at Emporium for lunch.

In order to offer a variety of food choices we have over time developed a rotation of locations that's been a great success. The rotation schedule is as following:

1st Friday - located at Food Court EM Quartier Glass Building
Basement Level

2nd Friday - Culineur School of Cooking Restaurant @ Emporium
located on 5th floor Emporium next to the movie theater or 7th floor elevator in Emporium Tower
(A special rotating menu selection and specials will be offered to our group)

3rd Friday - Food Court EM Quartier Glass Building Basement Level

4th Friday - Arno's Burger located on 7th floor EM Quartier Helix Building

5th Friday - In month with five Fridays we will announce in time alternative venues.

If you're not attending OMG in the morning please join us at 1:15p for the late lunch. After lunch a hard core group will continue on to the third part of the day and attend "To early to go Home Coffee".