Meeting New Friends

Good Listeners Club (GLC)
Good Listeners Club (GLC)

Kad Suan Kaew

21 Huaykaew Rd · Chiang Mai




Are you currently living in Chiangmai and wanting to have a hearty chat with someone and making new friends in the process?

Welcome to Good Listeners Club, a space where people can feel safe to open up to talk about feeling and feel "seen" in a conversation. We don't discuss Religion and Politic here. Anyone is welcome as long as you are willing to listen to others without putting your own judgements and beliefs on them - be kind and open-minded and receive the same respect and acceptance in return :)

We will be meeting at the sitting area behind the Vanila Cafe (please see the map). It is on B1 floor of Kad Suan Kew Shopping Centre. From Tops, walk up till the end of the food court, then turn left, walk up the stairs and and look to your right. Feel free to bring your dinner in, there is usually a night market outside Kad Suean Keaw on Friday night :)


- You must reserve your spot.
- I will not be at the meeting spot if there is no reservation (no walk in please).
- If you couldn't attend to meetup please let me know ASAP.
- This is a religion and politic neutral group, we are here to listen and support others without imposing our beliefs and judgement on anyone.
- This is an English speaking event (not a language exchange).
- This is not a networking event, any person attending the event with attention to sell any product or service will be asked to leave.
- This community is based on trust. Please respect others privacy and keep all discussions confidential. Please ask for permission before talking any photo or video.