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Bike 'n Brunch Goob Loop, brunch at Garden Market
Lookout Point to Padero Lane then frontage road to Santa Monica, all flat. Take 192 to Gobernador Canyon Road, short steep climb then relatively easy climb, enjoy long downhill on back of Goob. Flat ride along 150 then fairly easy climb. Head down through Carpenteria to brunch at Garden Market on Santa Claus Lane. Back to Lookout Point via Padero Lane. Difficulty: moderate (climb Goob, climb 150) Requirements: sign waiver, wear helmet, one speed cruisers not adequate for this ride.

Lookout Park

Lookout Park Rd · Summerland, CA

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The mission of the Santa Barbara Ski and Sports Club is to bring local residents together to enjoy the many year-round social and physically challenging events and trips in a positive environment. This non-profit club began as a skiing club only in 1955 but has evolved to a full summer and winter sports club with a very diverse schedule of ski, social and sports events.

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