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That's Art! Meetup is all about inspiring creativity in everyday life. It is the perfect place for anyone who wants to discover the inner artist within, reconnect with nature and natural world and meet like-minded creative souls in an informal setting.


We use both indoor and outdoor spaces in various locations around London to conduct our creative workshops.

During the meetup you will be experimenting with various materials and techniques, sharing ideas and cooperating with others on creating beautiful objects from recycled and natural materials, using environmentally friendly techniques.

We aim to have a lot of fun so our workshops are full of games and group tasks in order to help the participants to make new friends while exploring their ideas and learning something new.

Hopefully you will leave with some great new ideas, having made some friends or useful contacts for future, or just feeling refreshed after having fun in a great company.

Materials for the workshop will be provided by the organizer unless specified otherwise.


The mission of the whole project is to inspire anyone (of all ages, skills and abilities) to create and promote environmentally friendly art as a form of self-expression, using and reusing resources that are often overlooked. We aim to engage individuals in real- in person-communication and help them to create something together.


In today's fast paced world, thanks to long working hours, stressful work environment and a very limited amount of “me” time, the majority of adults are underestimating the importance of play and creative expression in everyday life.

As children we spent hours on end just playing and exploring. We used to investigate colour, texture and various materials that we found anywhere both indoors and outdoors. We were not shy to try and creating anything, from little drawings to sandcastles on the beach, and proudly present our masterpieces to others. While doing this, time did not exist. We were right there, in the moment, deeply satisfied with “now”.

Then somehow, as we grew older, the majority of us stopped playing and started “working” instead. For many this also meant limited time for self-expression, self-exploration and creativity. Surrounded by technology, flooded by social media updates and bombarded by marketing and sales tools, we are all too busy. We stopped using our spare time for playful exploration.

Yet, there is nothing more satisfying than creating something physical with your own hands.

So why should only the kids get all the fun?

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