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The Gold Standard: History, Theory, and Fallacies

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Richmond District Police Station - Community Room

461 6th Ave · San Francisco, CA

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The community room is behind the station-- enter through the lot.

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**This event is hosted by our friends at Golden Gate Liberty r3volution**

The gold standard has plenty of advocates and even more critics. But what exactly is the gold standard? Is it a singular monetary system or have multiple versions of the gold standard operated in different countries at different times throughout history? What are the gold standard's virtues and what are the challenges and objections to returning to gold-based money?

Chris Silber's second and last monetary economics lecture of 2018 integrates a brief history of the gold standard with the theoretical concepts that govern its operation including the market-driven monetary base, gold's role in monetary aggregates, Gresham's Law, and inflation/deflation. The talk will conclude with a list of fallacies and objections cited by enemies and even friends of gold against replacing today's dominant fiat monetary systems with a gold standard.

Chris Silber is a frequent attendee of GGLR and Free Exchange meetings and has previously presented on monetary history, business cycles, and the Great Depression.