QE, National Debt, and the Global Reserve Dollar: So Where’s the Hyperinflation?

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Economics Presentation. QE, the National Debt, and the Global Reserve Dollar: Why Predictions of Dollar Collapse Keep Falling Short

Proponents of free markets and fiscal responsibility have been dismayed at many federal government policies to “fight” the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession. Unprecedented quantitative easing and a ballooning national debt have alarmed even non-libertarians, and worries that the U.S. dollar may lose its position as preeminent global reserve currency have added to those concerns.

But many libertarian economists, pundits and even some conservatives have warned for over a decade that the only possible outcome is a collapse of the dollar and hyperinflation, accompanied by Great Depression-level malaise and even an unraveling of civilization itself.

While all these policies provide valid reason for concern, is endogenous hyperinflation and dollar collapse really an inevitability? Or for that matter even probable? Chris Silber argues the answer is no, at least for the next several decades and highly unlikely even after that.

In this presentation the precise mechanisms that have restrained quantitative easing’s and indebtedness’s inflationary tendencies will be discussed. What makes the U.S. dollar still the reserve currency of choice for central banks worldwide, and why it’s unlikely to lose its standing anytime soon will also evaluated.

Chris Silber writes bimonthly economics columns on Cautious Optimism, a Facebook current events page. He is a frequent attendee of GGLR, LPSF, and Bay Area Conservative functions and has previously presented on economic history and macroeconomics subjects including the Great Depression, 19th century Anglo-American banking, and the gold standard.

At about 9:40 - 10 pm a social gathering follows around the corner @:

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