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Our world has been undergoing massive change. It seems every system, program, organization and process we thought we knew is evolving and/or proving to be the opposite of what we thought. There appears to be massive confusion, endless stress and constant conflict in all we do. Time is getting shorter. People are stressed. Energies are increasing and Mother Nature is revolting. What is the cause of all this and where are we headed?
The fact is we live in a world of free will and we create our own realities every day. So why would we choose to create such a chaotic world?
The intent of this group is to understand our past, realize how events have evolved into our current situation, and to willingly create our positive future. Our basic belief is that all humanity and nature is connected through The Law of One or Universal Law. Everything is energy, vibration and frequency. Yet our world is also a hologram.
Powerful forces have controlled us for millenia through religion, finances, politics and fear. These powers are now coming to an end and such is the cause for turmoil. How we acknowledge and steer this shift into a whole new reality is completely up to us. We can create an amazing future without the lack of anything. It is an honor and a privilege to have chosen to be on earth at this greatest time in our history. Our group will strive to understand how we can assist, accelerate and support our best future through education and practice.

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