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Our goal is to take you to the point of no return then hopefully empower you to not quit regardless of the level of 'the suck'. "Adversity builds Character."

What does it mean? Defines any situation where conditions are undesirable. Commonly used around a war time conflict by members of the Armed Forces. It sounds like a put-down, but it is actually a testament to the dedication of those who endure it. Also known as “the shit".

Can you handle 'the SUCK'!?

Past events (47)

Rabbit Peak Trail & Pack Race

Villager/Rabbit Trailhead/Thimble Trailhead

The Ultimate SUCK

Decker's Farm

Ladies Night Out - The Three Peak Challenge

Iron Mountain Trail

West Coast SUCK

Villager/Rabbit Trailhead/Thimble Trailhead


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