What we're about

Yoga means to "unite" or "join" the aspects of ourselves. In this group, we work to strengthen the connection between ourselves, Nature, and other people. We facilitate this connection work by journeying outdoors in a group (the hiking part), while taking the time to do some solo activities and then by sharing what comes up for us. Our exercises increase our skills in deep nature connection and tracking, while simultaneously connecting us to each other. We will draw from the teachings of the likes of Bill Plotkin, Jon Young, Tom Brown Jr., David Abram, and others...

For clarification: This meetup is not intended to practice modern yoga asanas while hiking. The exercises are unique, but more closely align with meditation and close nature observation.

Below is an outline of what an event may look like:
Meet near parking area. Get a brief introduction, followed by a silent 30-60 minute hike where we spread out, just within sight of each other. As we arrive to our meeting area, I'll give an overview of the area, pointing out any hazards. Then, sitting in a circle, we'll check in with each other and find out how the silent hike was for anyone that's willing to share. After this brief check-in, I'll introduce the first exercise. Exercises might include: learning and practicing coyote walking, sitting/talking with a tree (or other natural feature), guided visualization, periods to focus on specific senses, animal mirroring, stalking an emotion or some other strong aspect of life, etc. After the exercise, we all come back to the circle and check-in. What was it like for you? Did anything come up for you that you want to share? Did you like it? Did you hate it? We'll do a few of these exercises/check-ins, depending on the time allowed.

At the end of our time together, we'll close and then have a leisurely, unstructured hike back to the cars with it completely open for chatting.

The hiking won't be rigorous, it will be usually be easy-to-moderate. As of right now, I've only picked one spot in Napa, but I'm planning to expand to other areas as I'm able to scout the spots. I prefer to scout out the wilderness meeting areas and that takes some time and effort.

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