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We meet regularly to discuss methods of growing, procuring and making small to large structures with bamboo. Our mission is to develop alternative systems of construction using bamboo as a primary structural material. We work collectively to design beautiful, multi-curved and hyper-dimensional forms, prototyping in remote locations and planning to establish a revolutionary organisation of passionate and connected individuals who orient around this philosophy of design. We will learn from experts in the field, develop skills in hands-on craft and ultimately seek to use our innovations to help drive social housing projects, educational spaces and civic architecture toward a greener, more wholistic future. Our meetings are held in a calm environment where we drink tea and have efficient conversations. We welcome artists, architects, coders, engineers, horticulturalists, and anyone at all who wants to see the human species transcend the grey, rectilinear present and build Eden here, now.

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Bamboo Construction Workshop

Grange Farm


We welcome all ages to come and learn how to create transcendental structures from the world’s most ecologically-friendly and versatile material. We will be holding all-day events for three consecutive weekends in June. The gorgeous site we have secured for the workshop is just 20 minutes out of Bristol city centre, near a small brook and a lake. The event is to run all day, and you will be welcome to camp overnight.
The making workshop will take place outdoors, in the sunshine or under cover, weather depending. Wellies or water-proof boots are recommended.
There is a £15 suggested donation, which is to help cover the costs of food, some drinks, and materials. However, if cost is the thing putting you off, please do not worry. We don’t want finances to play a part in this any more than they have to.

What will we be making?

The Bay Teahouse

We have spent the last year developing a detailed design as a response to the question:

Is it possible to dwell in a forest without disturbing the forest floor, or drilling harmfully into the cambium of mature trees?

The plan is to construct this initial experiment as a proof of concept.

The design favours non-toxic materials with either minimal or negative carbon footprints.

Located in a remote and secluded clearing, the teahouse will serve three primary functions:

1. It will test the methods of construction and finishing, and be exposed to the elements in a location where it can be regularly checked for damage, wear and tear.

2. It will provide a rare and welcoming abode for a hermit, a safe space where one person could experience up to a week or so sleeping elevated above the forest floor.

3. It will offer a peaceful and inspiring meeting place for future gatherings and a locus for further experiments, as well as a safe place to store tea and some simple cooking equipment.
We can provide materials and tools, but if you have a decent knife, some cord, or even your own locally sourced bamboo, then bring it along!
Lifts to the site can be arranged, too. Please get in touch directly or post on this event page if you’d like to lift share.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Bamboo Construction Workshop

Grange Farm


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