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I am wondering why people are not really choosing; why they are not choosing what they would really like to create? I personally know some amazing people who do know what they want and they simply commit to doing whatever they need to do to have that show up for them … and it does …. with ease and joy! When we make a commitment we give it everything we've got, whatever it takes, 200+% and we don't choose it with a way out either …. because we know that this is what it takes to choose and create. And some of these amazing people I am talking about are doing whatever it takes to show you and the rest of the world that it really is that easy to have anything.

So, all you others who really want to change something or to have something more show up .. but but but!! … are you now willing to listen in and step up?
Are you really truly willing to choose it, to do whatever it takes to step into it, to create it and to have it?
And are you ready to truly commit to having more of you, for you and would you be willing to let go of everything that stops that from showing up including all the judgments, the fear, the mistrust, all the limitations, the what ifs, the buts and that back door!

Between me and some of my amazing contacts I will be creating possibilities for you to choose to create more, to have more so please come and play, enjoy and create more with us. We have incredible and dynamic tools to share with you that really do work!

Last month for 5 days I was with Gary Douglas and Dain Heer the founders of Access Consciousness in a very intense level 2/3 with 170 amazingly conscious beings from all over the world with incredible capacities - can you imagine the intensity, the magic and the change we created? We literally blew apart everything that we had in place that was limiting us which created the most dynamic change for me and and for all of us there. And now i have have even more awareness, my own capacities have intensified tenfold and I have so much ease in my reality. How does it get any better than that?

I am lucky enough too to get the opportunity to spend at least a week every month travelling to one of either Gary's or Dain's incredible classes around the world - I created that! …. and I am also luck to be hosting some of Access's most dynamic facilitators here in London - I also created that! I use the tools myself, I create the changes I want and have immense ease in all of it. What else is possible?

I have created a number of different and very dynamic meetups, some hosted by me, others by other Access Facilitators who are flying in from abroad especially. But we will share with you incredible, dynamic and life changing information and tools that really do work to create the changes you desire. They certainly do for me!

Hope to see you in person some day soon.

Best wishes

Laura JW http://www.laurajw.com

To find out more about Access Consciousness please visit their website at http://www.accessconsciousness.com

Recommended reading material with loads of tools and processes that actually work! - Please click on the following link to take you to The Access Consciousness shop - https://accessllc.infusionsoft.com/go/SAP/LauraJW

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