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What we’re about

Hello Beautiful People!


Much has been documented about the psychological, social, spiritual and physical benefits that can be experienced when sharing communion with plant medicine and psychedelics.

While Kings College and UCL have received large amounts of funding for research into the effectiveness of psychedelics for the treatment of trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression in the face of overwhelming research, Black people have long been adept at utilising these technologies and healing modalities for their universal wisdom.

Despite this however, the modern world has left many of us attempting to see through a thick cloud of mystery over these gifts from nature that are available to us all.

It is time to reclaim and share our knowledge.

Psychedelics are a large group of substances that have been used for centuries in Africa, South America and multiple indigenous groups worldwide and include Ayahuasca, DMT, Mescaline, Iboga, Peyote, LSD and and psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms) along with hundreds of other natural and synthetic variants. They are also known as entheogens because of the belief that used carefully in a prepared "set and setting", they can offer a clear understanding of our true divine self as well as a deeper connection to our intuition and those around us.

This group has been created as a safe, nurturing and high vibe-ing space for members of the Black community to share their thoughts, feelings and knowledge of the wonders of plant and psychedelic medicine with others that are on a path to higher spiritual awareness.

Psychedelics are of course illegal to ingest in this country and I do not encourage anyone to break the law.
Black people do not often have an inclusive space to freely discuss the topics mentioned. Discriminatory laws have led to the penalisation of people of colour and so the "psychedelic renaissance" is an opportunity for ancient technologies to be more easily accessible by everyone. Please respect that this group is only for those who identify as Black.

As per the rules of this platform, any requests of illegal substances from members on this group will result in removal.

In due course, there will be opportunities for members to attend workshops to inform us of how to grow our own mushrooms - for research purposes only! - how to integrate psychedelic and spiritual experiences and where to find legal ceremony groups with indigenous groups etc.
I may start a telegram group so we are able to share more on a social platform in between events.

Come along to upcoming in-person and online events to meet like-minded, friendly and open individuals while helping to create a community that promotes peace and unity. All knowledge levels are welcome! Everyones experience and input is sacred.
Let's celebrate our unique insight into the topics of spirituality, ancient and modern healing techniques - and life in general!- while learning, laughing and raising our consciousness together.

I look forward to meeting you All.