What we're about

A collaborative network of teachers and guides that understand the mind, the body and the breath, so we can glimpse the truth of who we are.

This includes the following modalities -

• Understanding the mind, consciousness and thought - Non Duality, Advaita Vedanta, The Three Principles. Creating a space for opening into 'This' - pure awareness, the ground of being, mind-itself. There is Nothing to Do, Nothing to Know

• Himalayan Kundalini Yogic teachings, relevant to anyone on the evolutionary path. Expect to be taken on an energy wave, incorporating breathwork, kriyas, mantras, asana, dance, movement and meditation

• Conscious connected breathing practices to melt you deeper into love, stillness and presence

• Coaching to be in flow, to be at your best, to live in bliss

'What we are looking for, is what we are looking from.'

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