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What we’re about

Are you a visual artist, painter, drawer, writer, or poet? Learn how to work with a group of people to create spectacular art!

Learn how fulfilling it is working with others. The creation of artwork need not be in isolation or solitude. It can be an exciting social experience that creates community and friendships. This is part of the power of working collaboratively! Currently on Meetup there are three projects that are looking for people who would like to collaborate in the making of art: The Festival of the Migrating Crows, This Week in the Supreme Court, and a Collaborative Art Project with Artists from China and Russia. Learn how you can be a valuable team member in the making of these artworks and events!

Learn the skills to creatively contribute to these compelling projects. Part of the excitement of being on a team is that you learn how to deal with exciting new ideas (that you never would have thought of!) and experience the thrill of new ideas being developed by you and other creators.