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What we’re about

The DMV Socialites is a professional networking and social group of diverse professionals, mostly in their 30s - 50s, who are native or new to the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia area). The purpose of this group is for Members to connect with one another in fun, positive, and meaningful ways during several in-person and online events held year-round.

We gather for many fun events such group dining, birthday parties, casino trips, group travel, spa days, game nights, dance parties, beach trips, community service, panel discussions, movie nights, museum visits, and more! If you enjoy connecting with other professionals in the DMV of diverse cultural backgrounds, careers, and ages, this group is for you! All members are encouraged to suggest activities that they would like to see us do together, and all members are encouraged to consider hosting and/or organizing events for our group.

By being a member of this group, you agree to treat all fellow Meetup Members and Organizers in a respectful manner during and outside of Meetup events. To remain a part of this group, to comply with RSVP Etiquette, Meetup members are also required to change their attendance status to "Not Going" before an event occurs, and before the RSVP deadline. Those who cannot conduct themselves appropriately towards Meetup members, and/or who are frequent "No Shows" to events will be removed. If you are a fun, respectful, and drama-free person, we believe you will enjoy being a part of this group :-)

Thanks for helping to make this group one of the best in the DC area :-) We look forward to connecting with you. We are The DMV Socialites!

- Vicky, Co-organizer, The DMV Socialites