What we're about

This is a group for men interested in personal growth and development, authentic relationships and embodied spirituality.

This will be a series of workshops designed to help you set your life on fire.

For men that are on the path of growth, purpose, and self-actualization.

If you choose to join this group, you are here to explore, in an open format, your process of personal growth, self-awareness, and transformation as a modern man.

You have a sincere desire to be a force for good on the planet.
You realize the shortcomings of the lone wolf mentality.

Your willing to consider that in order to up-level your development you must surround yourself by men that want to play a higher game. Being in a community of growth-oriented men will challenge you to live into your purpose and to actualize your potential.

You are ready to get the kind of honest feedback that will help you move past your blocks and limitations.

We will be offering practical resources and wisdom, with an aim to catalyze men to make the most of their lives in the areas of relationships, sexuality, livelihood, parenting, business, health, the intersection of mental & physical health, leadership and purpose.

We are here to support each other first and foremost.

This may show up as a compassionate recognition of where a man is at or as an invitation to challenge a man where he may be hitting a wall that he can't see beyond.

We encourage you to share your struggles and your victories and to get real with each other.

Feel free to invite other men that you imagine would be a good fit for this group!

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Purpose, Power, and Presence

2937 E Burnside St


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