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If you have a kid or are involved with the kids of 4 to 14 years, we welcome you to join our group.

This project is to help vigilant parents to let them identify right skills and opportunities for their kids so that these kids can hone these relevant skills and become successful in the future.

There are three main challenges for your kids in the future. Economical, Ecological & Equity.

Economical | World Economic Forum says Technology is going to impact humankind on such a scale as humankind has an experience never before. Technology will replace the human being in many places, and so we need to hone newer kinds of skills to sustain our future.

Ecological | Water, Air, food are all basic necessity of life, which is getting scarce every passing day. Our kids are going to have a tough time if we will not going to work now.

Equity | With a changing needs of the jobs, many people will be unskilled for the jobs in future. They will not have jobs and crime will go high.

So there is a huge need to let the kids learn the ways to solve these wicked problems. And this group is a platform to brainstorm and find solutions for kids, which must be Fun and should be a huge opportunity to learn.

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Data Visualization and Analytic Skills of your Kid (Parents of 7-12 years)

What you can do to improve the above mentioned most sought after skills of the modern times. Come to us

SHARE YOUR IDEAS : How you helped your kid obtain 21st Century Skills?

Education is a team endeavour, The teachers, parents, students and community are all members of this team. If one member is not involved, the student’s education will suffer. We need to understand the importance of parental involvement. Please do not play, just a homework hand-holders. Parents are key players in the development of a child’s character, confidence, motivation and personal responsibility for a better academic and personal well-being. What have you done to help your kid in developing 'The 21st Century Skills'. SHARE WITH US. Go through the below mentioned document and give your suggestion on each of the skill mentioned below and depending on the quality of comments / suggestion, we may host event / events in Delhi NCR. We also plan to host an Online event. NOTE : 1. Do not comment without reading the below document. 2. Do mention the name, age, sex of your kid / kids in the comment. Courtesy : Advance Leadership : Education Report 2014.

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