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Now more than 10,000 members! Join us for hikes in the Atlanta area - then dinner and drinks afterward. Most hikes include some local history and some scenic highlights such as old bridges, hidden trails, and the like. We clearly label each hike with skill level, anticipated time of completion, pace, and directions.

. I always include directions in the event description, so please use these written directions and not any pins or Google maps, as these often are incorrect
. On hike days when it is or will potentially be raining, I will announce any cancellations two hours prior to the event by posting "Canceled Rain" in the event title
. We typically do not permit dogs (some parks prohibit them, some terrain is too harsh), but we encourage attendance from any children who can keep the posted pace (but often it is us old fogies trying to keep up!) 
. No surprises: We typically hike eight to ten miles - in the woods - which means a) there are uphills and downhills over rocks and roots and through stream beds, so be sure to have proper attire (hiking boots, hiking poles, and enough food and water), and b) be sure you are able to keep the posted pace so as to not needlessly slow the group down

I look forward to seeing you on the trails!


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