Intro to Kubernetes For Devops: From the perspective of a (somewhat) old dog

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This event is going to be hosted virtually. Hopefully soon we will be able to start meeting face to face again, but for the moment we are staying virtual. The WebEx link for this event will be posted either the evening before or the morning of the event.

Are you a fellow (somewhat) old-timer in tech who finds him or herself in a market where at least some Kubernetes-related knowledge is necessary? Even if you're not, you probably have seen Kubernetes quickly become a very popular way of hosting microservices in our industry. Either way, this introductory presentation is for you.

This presentation will be split up into two parts:
1. A live demo where Tom will setup a Kubernetes cluster, deploy an app and then poke and prod it.
2. A deeper dive into what was actually created and how things are related.

Tom Purl is a Automation Engineer at a Chicagoland IoT company. He enjoys building cool stuff and sharing it with others when he's not cooking or spending time with his family. The best way to contact him is to send an email to tom at tompurl dot com.