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What we’re about

If you thought meeting somebody special was hard before try doing it in 2020. Workplace relationships are out, no spontaneous nightlife encounters and have you tried approaching somebody whilst you’re both wearing a mask and practicing social distancing? You look like two winking maniacs.

So… what are we left with? Oh God. Oh God no… not that… anything but that…

Yep. Dating apps.

It’s interesting. If you would have said 10 years ago, that there’s this app which allows you to peruse other single people and connect with somebody you like the look of – we would have presumed, ‘That’s relationship searches sorted then! How can anyone NOT find love with such a simple and precise method?’ Buuut the reality is the opposite; if you ask the average male or female about dating apps most often their response is to groan. And not in the good way.

But why is that? What can we do differently? What can we do better? What should we avoid? And are the apps even healthy for us at all? Despite the restrictions – should we still try to be meeting people away from our phones?

The name, ‘The Love Hunt’ is a comical juxtaposition supposed to sum up our quest for something genuine but at the same time, still being able to see the humour in it all. It’s NOT a pick up artist-y group. I’m not interested in helping guys collect numbers. Self-improvement is wonderful. Manipulation is not. Fuckboys & Sugarbabies not need apply.

This Meet Up Group is essentially a giant support and advice group. We’ll meet on Zoom to talk about our experiences, to receive and give out advice, to ask questions, to hear anecdotes, to open up and most importantly – to laugh. ‘Cos if you’ve not found love yet, the second best thing is to laugh about it. And anyway, who can resist somebody with a splendid sense of humour?

At the beginning at least, we’ll have separate Male & Female meet ups (I shouldn’t need to say this but of course, all sexualities and genders are welcome but I’ve only got time to host two events per week, so attend the one you feel more likely to identify with). The reason for the two separate events is because I want people to feel comfortable with talking about their experiences and feelings and I feel people are more likely to open up without potential judgement from the gender they’re attracted to being there. Also, from previous Meet Up hosting experience I’ve found that a small percentage of guys tend to overstep certain boundaries. This could potentially change in the future… we’ll see how we go.

Who am I? I’m a comedian/writer who is unsurprisingly trying to find love. And not just any love. You see, I’m somebody who believes that the love you see in movies, that you read in books, that you hear in songs… is real. And I believe that anybody who says it isn’t is saying that because they’re either uncapable of giving that kind of love themselves or they haven’t found it. So they presume it can’t exist. But shipmate, I says it does! And I shall find it. And if I can, so can you! But it’s a long, treacherous, quite often punch-you-in-the-face-esque road… so the more people who are there to support you, the better. Let’s go!