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# "Up-level Your Love" Life--> and learn how to co-create happy, HEALTHY relationships filled with more PLAY, stronger LOVE, and deeper INTIMACY [whether you're currently in a relationship or not]! Relationships are complicated! ANY relationship can be joyful and/or painful. Heartbreaks happen. Relationships with friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, AND romantic relationships all have overlap... ANNNNNND YOU ARE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR*.* We need to look at ourselves first. Don't you want relationships that ADD to your life instead of stress you out? YES! Then it is time to UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE, communication, and relationship skills!

How we learn and grow from each relationship will improve our lives ...and will help us in present and future relationships and keep us from becoming bitter, jaded, and/or disheartened. What is HEALTHY and what is NOT?!? It is important to keep an open mind, understand who you are, be able to identify FEELINGS and triggers, understand attachment styles, take radical responsibility for your own responses & reactions [to LEARN from them to grow], and OH, SO MUCH MORE!

That's why I wanted to create this group.❤ Everyone [whether you are currently in a relationship or not] can learn NEW SKILLS and PRACTICE THEM so they are easier to do in [stressful] relational situations. You CAN do it. You just need some help, tools, practice, AND support with like-minded people.

To provide help and tools, we are going to have both online and in-person Meetups. We are going to have classes about improvement in communication & relationships, learn about personal-development books, and we are going to help you regain your self-confidence, clarity, happiness, stability and mental wellness.

But most importantly, we are going to help each other on having a better future—a better mindset, better lifestyle, better mental health, and a better future relationship.

As the organizer of our group , I hope to share what I've learned and make a positive impact on your life first and then you can take that into your relationships so they are HAPPY & HEALTHY.

[ relationship + workshop = relationSH♡P ]

❤I started a business called The Love Relationshop which offers FUN, interactive, and educational WORKSHOPS and events where you can UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE skills to co-create happy, healthy relationships filled with more PLAY, stronger LOVE, and deeper INTIMACY.

A "shop" is a place to either FIX or IMPROVE items. For us, the workshops/events are where we "fine tune" love and relationships [whether you're single or coupled] to get them running at PEAK performance. You gain important tools and strategies to get into and/or STAY in healthy, happy relationships. We'll do educational workshops AND events all around the greater area ... some for specifically for singles and some specifically for couples...and some for everyone! [Some events we'll be doing on ZOOM to make it easier for people to attend.]


Hello! My name is Erica, I'm a self-proclaimed LOVE MUSE, and this is my baby! lol I am splitting my time between Tampa, Florida and Spokane, Washington. I moved to FLORIDA during the pandemic because I couldn't run my events, teach or even waitress in Washington for over 5 months with no end in sight...and I was running out of money.

Part of my heart is still in Spokane with my friends and family...but I am loving life [where I'm FINALLY warm] in FLORIDA also!! Please be patient while I learn to navigate how to live in two places 3,000 miles apart. [This is why there is no FEE for this group but we will have a nominal fee/donation for events.]

Also, if you have any classes you'd like to host or know of anyone who wants to post their events, please contact me. :)

Possible Topics We'll Be Covering For Singles and Couples:
·         masculine and feminine energy
·         writing online profiles
·         let's talk about sex, baby!
·         relationships
·         tools & practice to communicate effectively and respectfully
·         how to date
·         different online options
·         setting boundaries
·         getting your needs met
·         waltzing vs disco (in relation to the dance of relationships)
·         hiring a matchmaker
·         differences between pre- and post- menopausal women
·         differences between pre- and post- andropausal men
·         either reigning in your expectations or expanding them
·         building your "non-negotiables" list
·         what is tantra?
·         bringing romance and being romantic
·         having FUN
·         groups to join
·         finances
·         personal coaching
·         lifestyle choices
·         budgeting
·         trusts, life insurance, prenups to provide for children/family
·         rebuilding your finances [esp after a divorce or breakup]
AND SO MUCH MORE JUICY STUFF!!!! You're going to love it! <3

We do not discriminate against ANYONE...including religious belief, age, sex, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice, and/or race. ALL singles & couples who want to work on their relationships with our Meetup group are welcomed by everyone!

[❤ We need a lot of people and a variety of businesses to CREATE & ORCHESTRATE GREAT DATES and events! IF you are an author, therapist, or you have a fun, interesting, romantic, active, or unique business [in the greater Spokane area or you can come to us] call or text me ASAP! 509-505-LOVE [509-505-5683] This could be anything including but not limited to: a restaurant/bar, dance studio, massage, adventure, and more! We're looking for great venues, products, AND services! We LOVE collaborating & helping grow small businesses including MLMs!] Sponsorships and vendors are options!

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